…..Exceeding our expectations. The bid was competitive and there were no surprises along the way. Once they started the job they stayed with it every day until completion. There was a team of four men – all very good guys. Polite, prompt, clean, responsive, thorough. The same four men worked the job from start to finish. There was a lead painter among the four and then there was a job foreman who came by at least once a day to inspect for quality and to check with Laurie and me to see how and if things were progressing to our expectations. He was very responsive. The job took just over two weeks. Tim Stebbins came by and called from time to time to ensure all was well.

A note about their cleanliness: after power-washing, scraping, and sanding they went around the first-floor roof and the perimeter of the house with a shop vac to clean up chips, etc. They used drop cloths all around so no spilled paint. At the end of every day all ladders, etc. were neatly stacked way off to the side, out of sight. Tim also had a man come by to do some wood replacement and repair work.

All in all it was a good experience. The house looks great. I’m glad I hired Stebbins Spectacular Painting and as such I feel good about recommending them. Please feel free to stop by to see us whenever you’re around to say hi. We’d enjoy seeing you – and while here you can have a look.

Laurie and I hope all is well and we wish you continued success.

Our best,